About Us

Who we are

We are innovators who are constantly making digital products accessible and affordable. Suitable for solving any kind of business problem. Our existence depends on making innovative digital products and showcasing our community’s talent to the world to help you scale your business.

Our Goal

We create innovative tools to empower small businesses around the globe.

Our main focus is to deliver high quality and scalable applications using WordPress at a competitive rate and to enable anyone to showcase their unique products on our marketplace. We are mostly focused on growing our marketplace and making it more accessible for any user to become profitable. Our goal is to also focus our coding abilities, latest development trends and best practices – to create plugins that help individuals or companies with any website related project, project management and enterprise solutions. We love simplicity and intuitiveness, so all of our products are user centric and designed to be frontend.

Origin Story

CloudPlug only started off as a small side project back in 2017. After gathering enough experience, we launched our digital product marketplace with a renewed confidence and larger vision.

We worked our way through many challenges and established ourselves as a digital product marketplace. CloudPlug now has a wide range of products available and a big community to back it up.